Smart tactics to achieve your goals

So you’ve set your goal. You know you want to write that script, TV pilot, novel, or play. You’ve been working on it, but…you’re just not getting anywhere. What’s up with that? There are some very specific things you can do to increase the chances of achieving your goal or goals. Get SMART. Setting goals…

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Gary Lennon: Hell’s Kitchen kid to Hollywood baller

Welcome! I’d like to introduce you to Gary Lennon, one of the best, most prolific writer-producers in the town. Gary has written for hit TV shows, including “The Shield,” “Justified,” and “Orange is the New Black, and he’s currently executive producer for “Power” on Starz. He also develops like a madman. He developed a miniseries about…

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Industry Job Hunt

Industry job hunt

Landing your first job in the entertainment industry You’re excited to launch your career. You want – no, you need your first job in the industry, but you don’t know anyone and you don’t know where to start. Here are my recommendations, along with several industry job hunting links. Here’s the best place to begin – pick up…

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Hot places to volunteer in Hollywood

You’ve moved to Los Angeles and want to give back. Volunteering is also a great way to meet new people, learn about our writing community, and maintain your positive attitude. Here are some places to consider volunteering. WriteGirl WriteGirl is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization that pairs girls who want to write with women writers…

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