Looking for the past Friday drinks recipe archive? You’ve come to the right spot.

Tales of the Cocktail welcoming party at New Orleans’ Contemporary Art Center on July 25,2012, sponsored by Absolut. Photo by Chris Kridler.

20th century

Want the red carpet treatment? Try the 20th century. It stars the luxurious taste of chocolate and citrus.

A perfect pear

Looking for light and luscious? A perfect pear is the perfect summer cocktail.

Blood and sand

Want a cocktail with a distinguished Hollywood heritage? Try Rudolph Valentino’s favorite drink, which was named for his famous bullfighting film, “Blood and Sand.”

Corpse reviver

Throwing a Walking Dead viewing party and don’t know what to serve? Why not break out the absinthe and mix up the corpse reviver?


Kentucky bourbon fan? Try the derby – a complex cocktail with a thoroughbred kick.

Drinks at The Famous

Kam recounts a wonderful evening at one of LA’s newest speciality cocktail bars, The Famous. Named one of the best bars in America by Details magazine, The Famous boasts a friendly atmosphere, knowledge bartenders, and excellent signature drinks.

French 75

Sold! Now you need a celebratory Champagne cocktail with a bang. Try a French 75. Plus, you’ll get to read a bit about TV development season.


Love lime? You’ll love the gimlet – or should we say the gin-let?

Gin Bramble

Like citrus? Like blackberry? If so, you’re going to love the gin bramble. It’s one of the most popular drinks we’ve profiled. You may just find a new favorite.


Here’s a great guest post by documentary filmmaker, novelist, and former journalist Chris Kridler about the New Orleans Tales of the Cocktail convention. At the bottom of the post is a recipe for a grape-flavored cocktail called the g’inyard. Also, you’ll get the recipe for simple syrup, which is used in many cocktails.

Lion’s Tail

Forget the nog. One sip of the lion’s tail and you’ll be very merry. At “Glass half-full in Hollywood,” we call it “Christmas in a cocktail glass.”

Monkey gland

Feeling experimental? Try the absinthe drink with a bizarre name and “The Island of Dr. Moreau” history: the monkey gland.

Moscow mule

Here’s a surprisingly refreshing cocktail complete with a Cock ‘n’ Bull Hollywood story.

Old fashioned

Want to drink like a mad man? Let me pitch you Don Draper’s preferred cocktail: old fashioned.

Palm Beach special

In the summer vacation mood? Try the Palm Beach special. It’s tart and refreshing with a decidedly big city vibe.


For a goddess of a drink, try the Persephone. It’s apple, berry, and citrus notes are as seductive as its namesake.

Pineapple martini

Having a party? Want a super-simple, crowd-pleasing cocktail? We’ve got just the recipe for you – pineapple martinis!

Royal Bermuda Yacht Club

Swashbucklers, salute! Here’s a rum drink treasured by pirates and the British Royal Navy alike: the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.

Satan’s whiskers

Expect the unexpected with this perfectly named mischievous cocktail, Satan’s whiskers. So good!


Prohibition fail! Bootleggers not only embraced the term “scofflaw,” but they also loved the whiskey drink by the same winning name.


Like key lime pie? Here’s music video and commercial director Jeff Stewart’s personal recipe for a dessert of a cocktail he calls smith.

Vesper martini AKA Bond martini

We’ve given James Bond’s signature martini a slight twist. But don’t worry, it’s still strong double-oh strong.