Industry Advice

You’ve worked on your TV writing portfolio. All of your scripts are current and fierce. This is your year. You can feel it. Now what do you do? Here are four TV writing programs designed to help emerging writers break in.

CBS Writers Mentoring Program

The CBS Writers Mentoring Program rocks. Carole Kirschner and Jeanne Mau have developed a fantastic curriculum. They pull great guest speakers, including showrunners, executives, writers, agents and managers, and other industry reps. Plus, they work hard to staff their mentees on current TV shows.

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NBC Writers On The Verge

Karen Horne and Jen Grisanti have shepherded the NBC Writers on the Verge program with steadfast hands. They also have stellar guest speakers and programming plus terrific placement for their selectees on current TV shows.

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The Warner Bros. Television Workshop

The Warner Bros. Television Workshop has been around for 30 years and is open to all comers! Most recently, Rebecca Windsor has continued to develop this well-established program. The WB Television Workshop also works to staff its selectees on shows.

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ABC Disney Writing Program

The ABC Disney program has been around for 25 years. It is the only program that pays its fellows. With the salary, the fellow is eligible for benefits. That’s pretty nice! The program provides access to executives, producers, and literary representatives. There are also opportunities for staffing on shows.

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