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Ernest Borgnine and I Enchanted by Elia Petridis

Writer-Director Elia Petridis on the set of “The Man who Shook the Hand of Vincente Fernandez.” Photo courtesy of Elia Petridis.

‘The Man Who Shook the Hand of Vincente Fernandez’ at Newport Beach Film Festival

Writer-director Elia Petridis on the red carpet. Photo by Kam Miller.

From the Dead Kennedys to NOFX: The Ridiculously Hyphenated life of Jeff Penalty

Singer-Filmmaker Jeff Penalty fronting The Dead Kennedys. Photo by Neil Motteram.

Former Spielberg Executive Carole Kirschner boosts Hollywood careers

Carole Kirschner interviewing showrunner Phil Rosenthal.
Photo courtesy of WGA.

Upfronts with NBC Development Executive Joey Chavez

The cast of NBC’s post-apocalyptic series “Revolution.” 
Photo courtesy of NBC Universal Television and Warner Bros. Television Studios.

Director Jeff Stewart on the amazing Marc Webb and teddy bear Tommy Lee

Director Jeff Stewart on the set of Squad Five-O’s
“Bye American.”
Photo courtesy of Jeff Stewart.

Hell’s Kitchen kid to Hollywood baller: writer-producer Gary Lennon

Writer-producer-director Gary Lennon. Photo courtesy of Gary Lennon.

“Eureka’! ‘Mister Terrific’! The exclamatory career of TV and comic book writer Eric Wallace

Cover of “Mister Terrific” issue eight by cover artist J.G. Jones.
Art courtesy of DC Comics.

Hollywood mentors: how to be a great one

A talk with TV showrunner Nancy Miller

TV showrunner and creator Nancy Miller.
Photo courtesy of Nancy Miller

‘Things Never Said’ writer-director Charles Murray tells it like it is

Writer-director-producer Charles Murray.  Photo courtesy of Charles Murray.

Writer-director-producer Charles Murray.
Photo courtesy of Charles Murray.

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