Quick update and 2013 goals reality check

Is it May already? Summer will be here in the blink of a cursor. For me, these past few months have been crazy busy. I’ve been pitching and working on several cool projects. I hope I’ll be able to tell you about them soon. In the meantime, I wanted to take a moment and touch base with all of you.

Beach Bokeh

Beach season is on the way! Photo courtesy of Doug Wheller.

Now is the perfect time to revisit your 2013 goals. You still have seven months or approximately 239 days left in the year. So you have plenty of time to reassess your goals. Were you over-enthusatic at the beginning of the year? Have obstacles popped up that have changed your perspective? Have you lost some of the eager umph you had on January 1st?

Accomplishments list

If you’re encountering difficulties, take a step back now. One of the things a few of my friends and I do regularly is look at what we’ve already accomplished. We make a “done” list vs. a “to do” list. When you’re only looking at what you still have to do, it can be discouraging and overwhelming. A “done” list will remind you of everything you’ve already accomplished. It’ll help motivate you to continue working on all of your 2013 goals. Have you finished an outline, first act, or first draft of your next project? Have you revised your NaNoWriMo novel? Have you been networking? Have you been keeping up with industry news? How many films or TV shows have you watched this year? How many scripts or books have you read? I encourage you to write down everything you’ve already accomplished this year before looking at your remaining yearly goals.

To-do list book.

Whip out that new year’s goal list. Photo courtesy of Justin See.

Now take a look at your 2013 goals. Much may have changed between January 1st and now. Your job or family obligations may have increased. You may have stumbled onto an opportunity you just can’t walk away from. You may have hit a major hurdle in your current project. These are all great reasons to modify your goals. Reevaluating now may save you disappointment at the year’s end. Plus, it may make your next seven months more manageable and enjoyable.

One of the most important aspects to consider is your well-being. Sometimes it’s easy to let our eating, exercising, sleep, and sanity fall by the wayside while we’re pursuing our goals. However, if you want to make a career and life doing what you love, your health plays a huge role. A creative career is a marathon not a sprint, even though it often seems like we’re racing Usain Bolt to meet our deadlines. Please make sure you take care of yourself.

Speaking of your health, was one of your goals to get more exercise and more writing done in 2013?

Lots of folks asked about my FitDesk after my 20+ gifts writers will love post. The FitDesk topped my list. If one of your goals is to get fitter this year, definitely check out the FitDesk. As you may remember, I’d been using my FitDesk for two years and loved it. After reading my blog post, FitDesk inventors Ryan Moore and Steve Ferrusi were kind enough to send me their new model, which had major upgrades from their original model. Thanks, Ryan and Steve! Their new FitDesk has blown my mind.

The new, improved Fitdesk rules. Photo courtesy of Fitdesk, Inc.

The new, improved FitDesk rules.
Photo courtesy of FitDesk, Inc.

The new FitDesk comes with a super-comfy seat. The original model had a rigid, narrow seat, which I had switched out with a Schwinn Touring model. The Schwinn seat was okay. I’d gotten used to it, but this new beach cruiser seat is so much kinder to the hinterlands. I also love the changes to the laptop bolster. It feels less angled and more comfortable. The bike’s footprint is smaller so it takes up less space. You can scissor the unit together and stash it in a closet, a pretty small closet. It’s crazy. I also love, love, love the odometer, calorimeter, and timer.

And the new FitDesk is über-quiet! It barely makes a whisper of a sound. I couldn’t believe it.

If you’re concerned you won’t write while on a FitDesk, well – I’m writing this blog post while pedaling right now. It’s really easy to get used to typing and pedaling. So you can churn out pages as you log the miles. Plus, you can knock out your social media time guilt-free.

FitDesk Vice President of Operations and Marketing Ryan Moore says they have four NEW products including a tabletop standing desk – smart idea – so check out their website and follow them on twitter @FitDesk.

Here's FItdesk's tabletop standing desk converter. What a cool idea!  Photo courtesy of Fitdesk, Inc.

Here’s FitDesk’s tabletop standing desk converter. What a cool idea!
Photo courtesy of FitDesk, Inc.

I hope this 2013 goals reality check spurs you on to success. I wish you health, happiness, and creative satisfaction throughout the year. Cheers!

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  1. Great post, Kam! Reminded me to sit back and look at my goals with a wider lens. Love the “done list” idea.

    • Thanks, Eva! I like taking time to regularly check my goals and course correct, if necessary. And the “done” list is awesome. It rejuvenates me for my next goals. Good luck!!

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