Notable: Stephanie Palmer’s 4-week online pitching course

Happy Friday! This week I interviewed pitching consultant Stephanie Palmer, author of “Good in a Room.” She is absolutely fantastic.

Pitching consultant and "Good in a Room" author Stephanie Palmer. Photo courtesy of Stephanie Palmer.

Pitching consultant and “Good in a Room” author Stephanie Palmer. Photo courtesy of Stephanie Palmer.

Stephanie is a former director of creative affairs for MGM, where she supervised the acquisition, development, and production of feature films. Some of her projects included 21Legally BlondeBe CoolThe Brothers GrimmAgent Cody BanksAgent Cody Banks 2A Guy Thing, and Good Boy. Prior to MGM, she worked at Jerry Bruckheimer Films on ArmageddonCon Air, and Enemy of the State. I will be sharing my entire interview with you in the next few weeks. However, I want to tell you right now about something that’s time-sensitive: Stephanie’s 4-week online pitching course, which starts this Monday, February 4, 2013.

If you have a project you’re getting ready to pitch or you’re past the outline phase of your most recent script, check out Stephanie’s online course. It’s conducted online through video and written lessons, and it sounds super-cool.

“Each Monday will be a video lesson where I’ll explain a key pitching technique that will be the theme for the week,” Stephanie said. “Then Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I’ll send out written exercises so people will have different ways to tweak their pitches. On Fridays, each person will have the chance to submit their work to me and get feedback. The goal is to build a pitch they can use to really sell their project.”

When designing the course, Stephanie said wanted to make sure it wasn’t a “one size fits all” class.

“It’s online, but it’s not canned lectures; it’s all based on what people are turning in,” Stephanie said. “It’s happening in a live space, but it’s available whenever the student’s time permits. I know people are busy and their schedules are different. I wanted people to be able to access the information at a time that’s convenient for them.”

The course is designed for people who have outlines or drafts of their scripts. It doesn’t require your project to be absolutely polished. In fact, developing your pitch may be one of the best ways to get your project industry-ready.

Want more information? Here you go:

Stephanie Palmer’s Pitching Essentials online class
February 4 – March 4, 2013
14 lessons and 4 opportunities to pitch your work and get feedback

Also, check out Stephanie’s book – “Good in a Room”

That’s it for now!