Friday drinks: pineapple martini

Happy Friday! Having a party? Want a super-simple, crowd-pleasing cocktail? We’ve got just the recipe for you – pineapple martinis!

The pineapple martini mixed by director Jeff Stewart. Photo by Jeff Stewart.

When music video and commercial director (and our resident mixologist) Jeff Stewart served his pineapple martini at a recent party, his guests fell in love with the sweet but fierce cocktail. They tapped out the entire mix before the night was done, which is saying a lot as you’ll see from the recipe.

When I tasted this drink, I first noticed the luscious pineapple flavor, which was quickly followed by a vodka kick. But the best and most surprising part of this drink is its smooth pineapple finish. That’s what’s sneaky about it; this drink packs a major wallop even though it tastes quite smooth.

Like the key lime martini – the Smith – Jeff came up with this cocktail himself. He recommends Stoli or Ketel One vodka for this recipe. Important: You’ll need to start making this drink about a week in advance of your party.

Wanna try Jeff’s recipe? Here it is.

1.75 ltr. of vodka
1 whole pineapple
1 can (16 oz.) of pineapple chunks in pineapple juice

First, you’ll need a large glass serving container to combine all the ingredients. (Jeff actually doubled his recipe to fill this container.)

Jeff Stewart’s glass serving container for his pineapple martinis. Photo by Jeff Stewart.

Cut and core the pineapple. Place cut pineapple pieces in your glass container. Add contents of 16 ounce pineapple can, including its own juice. Pour 1.75 liters of vodka into the container. Seal container. Make sure none of the pineapple floats above the vodka. Any pineapple pieces that rise above the vodka may rot and ruin the drink. Place container at room temperature and leave for 7-10 days. If you want to keep your mix longer than 7-10 days, strain and remove pineapple chunks.

To serve, pour desired amount into an iced cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously for 25-30 seconds and serve in a cocktail glass.

Major note: The pineapple acts as a filter and removes significant amounts of the vodka’s impurities. Unfortunately, this ruins the pineapple. In other words, don’t eat the pineapple.

Keep your glass half-full. Drink responsibly.