Friday drinks: blood and sand

Every week I’ll serve up a post on how to keep your glass half-full in Hollywood. On Fridays, I’ll also give you some ideas on what you might want to pour into your glass.

Blood and sand mixed by Jeff Stewart. Photo by Kam Miller.

Director Jeff Stewart has graciously agreed to shake things up for us. Jeff, who will be featured soon, is not only an accomplished commercial and music video director, but also a devilishly, dangerous bartender. He’ll be sharing some of his favorite cocktails with “Glass half-full in Hollywood,” which means I get to try them.

Film poster for “Blood and Sand.” Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

This week Jeff mixed up a cocktail with a famous Hollywood heritage: blood and sand.

First concocted in the early 1920s, the blood and sand cocktail is said to have been Rudolph Valentino‘s favorite drink. In fact, it’s named for the film legend’s bullfighter film of the same title.

When I first tasted blood and sand, it had a rich, smoky flavor that was difficult to place, but a peek at the ingredients confirmed: it’s scotch.

Granted, the offbeat ingredients may look like they would be as appetizing as, well, blood and sand, but, man, did they mix quite nicely. Jeff said good scotch along with freshly squeezed orange juice was key. He picked a couple of oranges from one of his trees to make the juice. Now that’s fresh.

Wanna try it? Here is Jeff Stewart’s blood and sand recipe:

1 oz scotch

3/4 oz red vermouth

3/4 oz Cherry Heering (You can substitute 1/2 oz Kirschwasser if you can’t find Cherry Heering.)

1 oz fresh squeezed orange juice

Shake vigorously in shaker over ice for 25-30 seconds, strain into a cocktail glass, and serve.

Keep your glass half-full. Drink responsibly.

What’s in your glass? Have suggestions for us to try? Please click on the comments button and share. Cheers!